Course curriculum

  • 2
    Introduction to Group Policy Management
    • What is Group Policy
    • Creating and Managing GPOs
    • Group Policy Precedences
    • Editing Group Policy Object Settings
    • Introduction to Group Policy Quiz
    • Lab: Group Policy Management
  • 3
    Manage Your Workstations
    • Deploying a Desktop Background to your domain with GPO (Group Policy Object)
    • Setting up a Logon Banner (Interactive Logon)
    • Deploying Software with Group Policy
    • Configuring Roaming Profiles for User Accounts
    • Configure User Roaming Profile Path with PowerShell
    • Creating and Mounting File Shares with Group Policy
    • Lab: Manage Your Workstations with Group Policy
  • 4
    Securing Your Domain
    • Configuring Domain Password and Account Lockout Policies with Group Policy
    • Deploying Fine Grained Password Policies (PSOs)
    • Configuring Windows Firewall with Group Policy
    • Configuring Registry Settings with Group Policy
    • Lab: Securing Your Domain with Group Policy
  • 5
    Group Policy Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting Group Policy with MMC (RSOP.msc - Resultant Set of Policy)
    • Troubleshooting Group Policy with Command Prompt (GPResult /r)
    • Creating Non-Inheriting Organizational Units for GPO Testing / Troubleshooting
    • Group Policy Troubleshooting Quiz
    • Lab: Group Policy Troubleshooting
  • 6
    Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion