Course curriculum

  • 1
    Course Introduction
    • Course Prerequisite
  • 2
    Getting Started with Active Directory Domain Services
    • AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) Fundamentals
    • Installing the AD DS Server Role
    • Forests, Trees and Domains
    • Windows Domain Quiz
    • Lab: Installing the Active Directory Domain Services
  • 3
    Introduction to Active Directory Users & Computers
    • Understanding Organizational Units and Containers
    • Creating User Accounts with Active Directory
    • Searching for Objects in Active Directory
    • Resetting User Passwords in Active Directory Users and Computers
    • Understanding Groups and Memberships
    • Disabling and Deleting User Accounts
    • Active Directory Quiz
    • Lab: Active Directory Users and Computers
  • 4
    Adding a Second Domain Controller
    • Building Our Second Domain Controller
    • Promoting Our Second Domain Controller
    • Transferring FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) Roles
    • Lab: Adding a Second Domain Controller
  • 5
    How to Administrate Active Directory with Windows PowerShell
    • Enabling Script Execution for PowerShell
    • Listing AD Users with PowerShell
    • Creating AD Users with PowerShell
    • NewUsers.csv
    • Creating User Accounts from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) File
    • CreateADUsersFromCSV.ps1 (Solution Script)
    • Move All Disable Users to "Disabled Users OU" with PowerShell
    • Lab: ADUC PowerShell Automation
  • 6
    Administrating AD SS (Active Directory Sites and Services)
    • Active Directory Sites and Services - Section Overview
    • Configuring Our ITFROUTE01 Server to act as a Router
    • Configuring Active Directory Sites and Services
    • Lab: Configure ADDS Between Two Subnets
  • 7
    Windows Trusts
    • Window Trusts Explained