Course curriculum

  • 2
    Optional Lab Setup
  • 3
    Installation and Configuring WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)
    • Installing The WSUS Role
    • Configuring Our WSUS Server
    • Configuring WSUS with Group Policy
    • Configuring WSUS Clients That Are Not In Your Domain
    • Lab: Installing and Configure WSUS
  • 4
    How to use WSUS
    • WSUS Synchronizations
    • Managing WSUS Client Computers and Groups
    • Approving WSUS Updates
    • Lab: How to use WSUS
  • 5
    WSUS Troubleshooting
    • Issues with Client Computers Not Reporting
    • What To Do When Your WSUS Server Wont Download Updates
    • WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard
    • Windows Update Agent Result Codes Reference
    • Windows-Update-Agent-WUA-Result-Codes.pdf
  • 6
    Advanced WSUS Administration
    • Creating an Downstream WSUS Server
    • Moving Your WSUS Content to Another Hard Drive (or Location)
    • Importing Updates to an Offline WSUS Server
    • Lab: Configuring a Downstream WSUS Server
  • 7
    Course Conclusion
    • Course Conclusion